Welcome to the waters of life and eternal youth. Surf into a brighter future – into a life filled with action, adventure, fellowship and good health. Challenge yourself to surf for the first-time or to surf more often. Teach your children and loved-ones to surf – so that you can surf as a family or a group. Learn in your preferred language – lessons are available in Hebrew, English and Russian.

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Water-sport tuiton in Haifa, Israel. With lessons in surfing and stand-up-paddleboarding. Programmes for children and adults, including personal or group lessons.


Surfing together or alone will improve your mental and physical health. Create new friendships and strengthen the bonds that already exist. Surf Club Haifa will help you to surf better, or learn how to surf. Whether you are an Adult or a child you will find a programme that suits your needs. Enter a brave new world of water-sports with lessons in surfing and stand up paddle-boarding (SUP).

High-quality water-sport tuition. Fantastic friendly staff. Excellent equipment. Personal or group tuition.

Surfing Classes – SURF CLUB HAIFA

Surf Classes sponsored by Billabong, the best and funest class there is!

Surfing waves is an enjoyable sport challenging and healthy, one your children will love to do during their school year.

Learning to surf is done in a weekly class format in combine with group and social activities.

Children will learn the bases of surfing, in different level groups that teach different levels of surfing. Each group has its permanent instructors that fallow each students personal progress till theyadvance to a higher leveled group

Besides teaching surfing itself, we guide to a healthy and sport filled lifestyle, safety and proper behavior in the sea and at beach area, learn weather patterns and their influence on the sea, and taking care of nature and more.

As part of the activates of the classes the students will get a taste of other kind of surfing such as SUP, kayaks, wind surfing, skateboarding and many more.

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קייטנות גלישה 2013

Surf Camps

Surf Camps sponsored by Billabong, the best and funnest camp there is!

Surfing waves is an enjoyable sport challenging and healthy, one your children will love to do in their summer and holiday vacations. Learning to surf is done in a camp format in combine with group and social activities.

In the camp the children will learn the bases of surfing, more advanced students will be placed in medium and advanced groups, and professional groups that teach higher levels of surfing

It is important to us to make sure every experience is a success, we make sure everyone feels like they belong, encourage friendships between the children, and that everyone finishes the camp with light in their eyes.

Besides teaching surfing itself, we guide to a sporty and healthy lifestyle, safety and proper behavior in the sea and beach area, weather patterns, and taking care of nature.

And most importantly getting the full experience of vacation, sea and sport like no other

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Privite Surfing Lessons

Privite surf lesions at SurfClub Haifa are the surest way to experience and learn the bases of surfing in a short time. Surfing is an exciting and challenging sport and life style, suitable for men, women and children in all ages.

The classes are held with a private instructor in all days of the week. The classes teach you all the bases you need to know to be a surfer.

The content of the course advances by your personal advancement.   Our instructors are experienced and have a lot of knowledge, responsibility and sensitivity to understand and encourage.

Surfing is an experience like no other and even for just a taste is life changing

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SUP Paddle Board

The “Sup – stand up paddle board” course at SurfClub Haifa is the best way to join the great sport of Paddle boarding. Staying fit and healthy while burning a lot of calories. A rare combination of sea, surf sport, health and nature come together in Paddle boarding creating the perfect balance between surfing and paddling.

The use of the SUP is equal to a work-out at the gym it combines aerobics exercise anaerobic exercise, muscle work, correct posture and shaping of the body

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Surf Shop

Our Surf shop sells Wetsuits, surfboards of all kinds, gear and accessories from the leading brands across the world. We sell the best quality equipment for all different surf branches. We make sure to always be professional and honest, to help you find what you need and would be most recommended for your surfing needs in the best prices

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At surfClub Haifa we offer rentals of different kinds. Surfboard rentals, SUP rentals, kayak rentals, windsurfing rentals and wetsuit rentals in winter. It is possible to rent by the hour, for the whole day and a monthly membership for our serious surfers

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אירועי חברה בחוף

Birthdays & Events

Company events, teem bonding events, “bar/bat mitzvah”, birthdays, fun days and privet events on the beach. A day of activities and surfing, combination of different water sports, beach activities and social beach activities, is an original and unique way to celebrate an event – It will be the funnest day ever! Especially fit for privet or business events, special format for company events, bonding and Birthdays in all ages or for any occasion. In SurfClub Haifa we will produce the perfect event exactly for your need

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