Surfing lessons Learn to surf

 Surfing lessons || Learn to surf

Surfing lessons, professional and most qualitative, supported by Billabong Israel, most worth having!learn-to-surf1
Experience fun and challenging sports,suitable for all ages and every one.
In addition to the experience exciting, healthy browsing activity, a combined aerobic training and anaerobic training, muscle strengthening, posture and toning the body.
Activities carried out at sea, nature, open air, relaxing, liberating and satisfying.
Surfing learning takes place in small groups, and most professional guidance.
The activity is suitable for all ages!
Participants in this activity, will enjoy the experience challenging, enjoyable and unforgettable!
learn to surf with us.

Join Today Study Surfing – Surfing class of graduates Surf Club!
Day activities on

Friday at 09: 30-11: 30 / 12: 00-14: 00

Call us to register ! 04-8550183

surfing lessons learn to surf

 Surfing lessons Priceslearn-to-surf3

Single group lesson – 140 NIS
group course (4 lessons of 2 hours each) – 480 NIS
Privet lessons :

Tow hours – 385 NIS

Six hours – 1080 NIS

privet lesson for a couple :

Tow hours – 595 NIS

Six hours – 1650 NIS

In order to join us please call 04-8550183

see you soon 🙂

surfing lessons learn to surf


Itai L. | Surfing Guide

The activity is amazing! Everyone can.
Me and the rest of the training team, we’ll make sure everyone succeeds.
You should know that the activity is suitable for everyone ..
Anyone can …
Instruction and guidance, is given to each surfer according to the
ability And to content that is suitable for each and every person.

I recommend going to class without fear or hesitation,
Followed by deciding whether and which route to join


   Bethel a. | A surfing instructor and a sports teacher.

Enjoying Sports and Health – A Winning Combination!
Most of the day we are facing screens,
in a concrete environmentAnd asphalts,
we underestimate physical activity and neglect our bodies.

Surfing is a wonderful “correction” you owe yourself.

No excuses 🙂
See you on your next surfing with us!


Anyone Can We’ll make it happen 🙂

Surfing is a challenging and fun sports activity.
We will do our best to make the best and most exciting and enjoyable experience possible.
* A little difficult and frustrating … Something does not work out …?
Please let us know – and we can help improve 🙂
That’s what we’re here for!

surfing lessons learn to surf

Book now and join an experience that will change your life!
For more information, call us at 04-8550183

You can also rent surfboards and S.U.P
For renting surfboards click here

So why wait? Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible



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